Ebike Chain Stretch Observations


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Dec 25, 2018
I like to paraffin wax my chains and swap out a freshly lubed chain approximately each month or every four hundred km.

I’ve been measuring how much the chains stretch every time I lube them. What I found interesting is the Whipperman chains have barely stretched .2 of a mm in a year but the Shimano chains have stretched around .55mm but have appeared to have settled at that. The problem is with this is that .55 is getting close to the stretch limits for a 10 speed chain. I’m considering simply biting the bullet and replacing the Shamino's with new Whipperman's. I’m presently using the usual SO model chain but there’s a dedicated E version retailing for approximately twice the price.

Since I am having a really good run with the same standard chain version I’m thinking if the additional price for the E model could be a waste of money. Has anybody here tried those new 10 speed e-chains and how are they performing for you?
Glad to hear that the Wipperman chains are going good for you. I simply bought 2 of the 8SE Ebike 8 speed chains to try. How are the Connex links holding up for you?

My BBSHD started folding up the missing links on the KMC so I replaced my KMC because it was near the stretch limit. Are you finding that they stretch a certain amount and then stay at that? I could see a more expensive chain stretching less and then lasting heaps longer.

I lube my chain about once every 3 rides. It seems to help with changing gears and chain drop on my significantly crosschained 1x8 setup. I also degrease and lube about every 2 weeks. I'm considering going to a riveted chain setup to avoid the link question. I'm new to Ebikes and the chain maintenance they require, so I'm still in the research & development mode so far.
Yes, the Whipperman quick links work great. Broken more than one shimano links over the past couple of years but no issues with the Whipperman's. The only statement I could make is that the shimano chains seem to change gears a touch better.

I ended up e-chain. AUD $84 so I have huge expectations from this chain. Just did my first work commute with first 50km on the chain. I’ll supply it with the wax remedy after another day or two. I guess I'll find out in a year or two if my investment has been worth the money or not!