Ebike Battery Dead - 48v 13s4p 18650


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8:46 AM
Aug 18, 2018
My ebike battery just stopped working it would not take a charge and would not power the bike at all. I disassembled the pack and my connections are fine and the charger is fine. I tested the cells and the cell group 12 is showing 0 volts.

The battery is pretty intricate in design, it goes in a metal case inside the top tube of the frame. I don't have a spot welder or any way to take out the cells and put in new ones.

But my question is if I could replace the cells, how would I find the correct match for them?
Usually the battery cells have a number printed on each one so you can identify them that way and find a match.
Make sure the wire from the BMS's #12 connector has a good connection to the cell group!