Ebike Battery Compatability


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Nov 12, 2021
I am considering an Ebike but the main concern I have is that, like cordless tools, the batteries seem to be proprietary. There are so many new e bike manufacturers and even some established bike companies that are offering e bikes. The thing I worry about is, what if the bike I choose is discontinued by the manufacturer and I can't get a replacement battery? I'm screwed. Is there any battery standard that the e bike makers use that make the batteries interchangeable?
Most batteries have there own mounting systems, but if your battery was discontinued you can always buy a complete battery and mount, or even a rack mount unit, For internal frame type batteries im guessing you could always repack your old unit with new batteries. No doubt some models of ebike may be more problematic than others. In my case i have stock bicycle and mounter aftermarket bafang mid drive and battery
You can have any ebike battery rebuilt with new cells. If you can not find an match for it.