Ebike Battery Cell Configurations - S & P - Series & Parallel


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Jun 16, 2018
An e-bike battery will generally include between 40 and 72 lithium-ion cells. Those cells are put together in series and parallel. Putting cells in sequence/series (end to end) will create higher voltages, putting them in parallel (side by side) will create more capacity in Amp hours.

Each Cell has a Watt Hour capacity, and that doesn’t change, no matter how it is arranged in the battery pack. 10 x 12Wh cells is always 120Wh, even if it’s arranged 5s2p or 10s1p.

10 x 3.6V in series makes a 36V battery, 4 x 3.5Ah cells in parallel will make 14 Ah.
This configuration would be referred to as 10s4p, and would make a 36V 14Ah battery. Here’s a list of how many cells in series make how many volts

10s = 36V
13s = 48V
14s = 52V
16s = 60V
20s = 72V