Ebike battery arcing and shorting out?


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Nov 19, 2018
I have been coming across a very major problem that reoccurs with my e-bike battery. I was moving my cables inside of my battery bag when suddenly an arc came from the charging cable connector, melting it and short-circuiting the circuit. I called around to some professional e-bike companies, but none were willing to help out.

I was wondering what is going on with the electric current inside of the e-bike battery and what is causing this explosive current to run through the battery and causing it to arc and melt the charging connector.

The connectors that have been burnt and the wiring inside of my e-bike battery. (Barrel connector was originally on the battery, then after it was burnt, I re-soldered an XT60 connector.)

What do you recommend trying to do? Help is greatly appreciated.


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On the burnt XT60, it looks like the male end is on the battery. Usually you want the female end so it can't be accidentally shorted by something metal connecting the 2 prongs. Another way to deal with it is having a cap to go over the plug when not charging.
Thanks for your response!

No wires were touching at the times that it happened, it happens when I handle the battery bag to remove the cable to charge. I don't think a plug will help but will try it.

Maybe there is a sudden discharge that runs through the battery, or maybe the BMS is not that good and is playing up.