Ebike batteries and cold weather


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3:22 PM
Jul 15, 2020
There will be a lot of new E-MTBers this year, just a heads up before the weather is getting cooler.

Your batteries will loose 20-30% off its charge time due to the cold. Always store your batteries indoors (above 50 degrees) and you should charge em indoors as well. A cold charge will deplete its juice quick!

Any other tips?
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Being able to charge my bike when its on the back of the van has been a great help with more ride time for me.
If you use a daypack to carry the battery it will warm itself up on the road and it would be ready to bring indoors when you reach the destination.

I'm rigging up a daypack to use sb50 / Anderson connectors as a quick disconnect of the battery when its in the pack.
High temperatures are just as destructive. Don't store your battery in a shed/garage that gets super hot.