Eastern Sierra ebike friendly trails?


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11:50 PM
Jul 19, 2020
Getting ready for the Fall Color in the Easter Sierras - Walker River to June Lake, and up 120 & 108.

I will call USFS later this week to ask, but has anyone ridden their ebike on any trails on the Eastern Sierras?
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There are some single & double track trails between June lake & Mammoth. They are moto trails, But I bet most would be fun on an E bike. Lots of other similar trails wandering all over the place near there as well.
We used to do moto on the 2 track logging trails on the east side of the main highway there that go forever to some beautiful spots if you have the range. Go there & explore, you'll have fun, but lots of soft pumice dirt, big tires probably.
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Mammoth/June area is as chill as it gets. I've been riding up there for years. Just be respectful and you can pretty much ride everywhere.