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Jul 8, 2018
Hi everyone, I just joined and thought I would introduce myself. I'm a retired gunsmith that likes to tinker on just about anything mechanical except cars because for some reason I always end up underneath working on them in the rain laying in the mud. I don't even own one anymore.

My current ride is one of my homebuilt recumbent trikes with a 750w 36v scooter motor driving though a jack shaft and the trikes chain system. It's using 12v 12amp lead bricks for the batteries and a 40 amp scooter controller. The motor operates independently from the pedals. It's geared down for 20 mph max which is faster than I can pedal anyway with the mountain bike gearing I have on it.

It can bee seen here: http://www.packratworkshop.com/trike5.htm

I had a 350w 24v motor system on it but it didn't have enough low end torque for me. I do a lot of junk scavenging for aluminum on trash days to cast at home (another hobby) and it couldn't pull my trailer with an aluminum engine block in it. A real treasure for a home metal caster! The best it would go was about 5 mph. The problem is neither could I very far with my bad leg (don't fall of a roof!) so I went for more power. This setup has no problems with my trailer being loaded and still going at a decent speed (at least 10 mph) so I'm pretty happy with it.

The pictures show it with the 350w motor but the 750w one is mounted in the same place. I built the battery holders to hold 2 on each side in case I ever decide to go up to 48 volts.


I really don't know the range yet as I just rebuilt the trike with the new motor and haven't had a chance to really check it out for range. I know I still have plenty of power left after a 8 mile ride though so it should do OK. I don't ride all that far most of the time anyway due to my leg. My trips are normally less than 10 miles.
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