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Oct 19, 2022
Living near the beach and being into sea fishing I thought for my next project an e-fatbike would make sense. I built this bike from scratch and fitted a Toseven DM02 motor, I've just started riding it and I find the motor is excellent (so far). My previous build was with a Tongsheng TSDZ2 and the torque sensing on both motors is pretty good.
I've tried to keep the weight down by using carbon forks and seat post and DT swiss BR710 rims, weighed in a 22KG(48.5lb). Next project is to build a custom rack and rod holders.


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Hi, I've been very interested in the DM02 but they say it doesn't come with a throttle. Could you tell me which throttle you put on it and relatively how powerful the motor feels? Thanks for any help in advance.
Second question, is that a side mount UPP battery? It looks like a tight squeeze. I can't figure out how you had room to slide that in there. Nice looking ride, by the way.
Great work. Looks nice. I'm curious to on the power/torque that mid drive makes. Seat of the pants dyno, as I call it.

Regarding the throttle I'm only using the pedal assist, but I think you can get a throttle for these motors. Power wise it is a 350watt I believe it has 90Nm of torque, it seems to have quite a bit more power than my Tongsheng. The battery is a 48v 13Ah G56 type 4 mounting plate not a side mount, it is a tight squeeze but you can get it in and out OK. The motor has a lot of program settings which are easy to set so far I would say it's better than the TSDZ2.
I was looking for a carrier rack for the fatbike but didn't find anything suitable so I built my own. I do not have a tig welder so this was made with nuts and bolts and rivnuts, I installed a Trek MIK adaptor plate I find these excellent for mounting paniers and fishing rod racks.


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