E-Bikes As A Utility Trail Work Vehicle?


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Jul 22, 2020
Anyone using an E-Bike for trail work?

Looking to add a trailer for carrying tools deep into the forest. Also looking to lightly groom fat bike trails.

Which one would you recommend? Most power and longest lasting battery would be needed as we tow about 70 pounds worth of tools.

We we're thinking of buying a Rokon (two wheel drive slow going fat tire motorcycle) but this may be a greener option and lighter to transport etc.

This one has always ingtrigued me:

Ubco | The Utility Bike

I know trail builders who also use Rokons and Christinis. It's nice to have the power to use a drag harrow.
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I don't think pull-behind groomers are going to work with any form of bike pulling them, but I guess I could be wrong about that.

I'd imagine most of the existing midfat e-bikes might work for pulling the trailer/tools. Just make sure you don't run out of juice or need to push/walk anything!

Why not put the motor/motors on the trailer? A couple of geared hubmotors would give a two wheeled trailer capable of carrying a heavy load as well as spare batteries. A simple clip-on thumb throttle with a long control wire velcroed to the "pulling" bike would suffice for power control.

Alternatively, you could also rig it up as a self-propelled wheelbarrow with a walk behind handle with a throttle.
They would work while your at it if your going in really far just throw an extra battery on the trailer!
Yep any middrive with extr battery in the trailer the new e bikes will make trail up keep easier .
Hub motor is going to make it a bear to ride on trails (especially with some tongue weight from the trailer), I think you want a mid drive of some kind.

That's certainly good information, maybe I need to wait for technology to catch up to my expectations?
Can anyone chime in who is actually using an e-bike for trail work? How is it hitching up a Bob Trailer? Success stories of putting a rack on and strapping the chainsaw down?

I was recently told that an e-bike wouldn't have enough torque to pull a Bob. Anyone care to disagree?
I'd disagree. It also depends how it's geared, but you could go full tractor mode with a middrive if you wanted to.
Harryman, I'm going to show my ignorance here and ask what do you mean by mid-drive?
Older RadWagon here in the PNW. I use it to haul trail tools up the logging road. Riding it on the trails isnt easy, I usually walk in at that point
I would want something with wide aggressive tires like the Volcon from Austin TX

It is surprising that they are going to be based in Texas as only 2% of current venture capital is going into Texas (more than 50% is invested in California).

This type of motorcycle has been around for many years but usually powered by a smallish 4-stroke engine. The Rokon Trail Breaker is going to be the most reliable and has a long track record. Rokon may have an electric powered version in the works and they would be at the top of my list.

For electric powered versions the problem will be the narrower tires (relative to the Rokon) fitted on the 2x2 ones and so traction will be the limiting factor.
It seems to be a bit of time since the last entry but if anyone is still interested in this application I want to explore it as well. I want to pull a trailer that I figure might be about 150 pounds loaded. It will be on dirt or paved roads. NO off road per se but might be used to go overland BUT will be walked. (like when we were kids and couldn't pedal up really big hills).
Thanks! As far as a utility work vehicle towing a BOB Trailer, what do you think about this one? RadRover Electric Fat Bike | Rad Power Bikes
While RAD has been around for while and generally has a good reputation, They are not built to be a workhorse e bike. You need to look at e-bikes that are made for the purpose you intend to use the bike for. Look for models that are designed to be used for hunting or off road heavy duty work.
The bikes built for "hunters" are the best ready to go 2 wheel vehicles. Concern with a trailer is being able to brake and slow or stop when going downhill.