E-Biker in Phoenix, AZ


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May 12, 2024
Phoenix, AZ
Hello. Introducing myself…I’m Casey from Phoenix, AZ (as you might have gathered from the post title). Been e-biking since 2021 starting with a Lectric XP 2.0. Last year I bought a Fucare Gemini X. Now I’m looking into the E-Cells Five Star w/dual batteries, etc. My primary want is distance over speed since I have a motorcycle if I want to go fast.

Also into regular bikes, Specialized Roll 3 and a Trek Roscoe 9. Pretty soon the bikes will be taking over my house and I’ll have to live in the garage.

Photography, video, hiking, running, and general outdoor stuff are my other interests.
Compare the price of the eCells once you get the second battery (at additional cost), with the NEW specification Wired Freedom (which comes with a secondary battery included in the base price.

Once you move to a two battery configuration, they are pretty much even on price.
Welcome from SE Wisconsin, USA!

After having a Juiced HyperScrambler 2 for awhile, I decided to sell it and get a nice used 125 cc scooter. Speed AND range and about the same ongoing running costs as an eMoped, when periodic expensive battery replacements are taken into account.

I'm also into cycling, mostly road, but I'm testing the waters with a gravel bike too now.

Enjoy your stay.