E-bike rebate could slash electric bike and scooter prices by 50%

Upcoming legislation, I hope it passes:

New York’s proposed e-bike rebate could slash electric bike and scooter prices by 50%


I hope it passes as well. The biggest issue is the wonky politics and legislation occurring in NYS regarding ebikes.

The state is speaking out of both sides of its mouth.

One one side, it is boasting, “Look how green we are! We are helping the climate by incentivizing the purchase of ebikes! Ditch the car and take your bike to work! Save the planet!”

Out of the other side of its mouth it is saying, “unless you live in New York City, riding an ebike is illegal on almost any road you would ride on to get to work! It is dangerous! You shall not ride on any road with a posted speed limit of greater than 30 MPH! Only regular bikes can go on those roads! We know that makes no sense!”

It's just what occurs when you have two different bodies of government, NY State vs NYC government.
One body can't fully understand what the legislation affect outside of the governing body's jurisdictions; eventually no law would be suitable for everyone.