E-bike holiday to Spain?


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Sep 8, 2020
Short version: Would there be a market for dedicated e-mtb holidays to Spain?

Long version:
So I've spent a couple of days reading through the posts here on the e-bikes forum and really had no idea how bad the access issue is in the US. Really odd and hard to understand for a European!

I moved the Pyrenees, about an hour north of Barcelona, last winter. Here I found a thriving biking community with everything from road to downhill. But most of all I found A LOT of electric mountain bikes! We counted that we are about 80% on e-bikes now. Of course I ended up buying one myself. And of course the old bikes have been collecting dust every since...

This area that I moved has a long story loosing jobs with the closing of mines, textile factories, less logging... The mountains are also not quite as spectacular as other part of the Pyrenees. BUT they are amazing for mountain biking, with so so so many trails from hundred of years of use as transportation between villages and over the boarder to France. There is also biking year around.
So this year a friend and I started a project trying to attract people from abroad to come here and bike, as a way to get some positive change to this area. So far it has been more successful than we could have imagined, really fun to receive visits from around the world!

We only have thought about organising trips with normal bikes but since we are both avid e-bikes it would be great to show our mountains the way we, as locals, enjoy them.

So here comes the question: do you think there is a market to prepare an e-mtb trip for the US market? (We have good e-bikes to rent out and can also at least offer batteries to Shimano Steps and Specialized if you would fly in with your own bike.)

I hope I'm not violating any forum rules and to not make it like an ad I don't want to post the website. With that said, if you would like to check out the scenery I made a short video clip:

Any thoughts would be very welcome!!!
Well... count on me as a customer. I have been riding the zona zero and barcelona this year on april and plan to be back there next year or on 2021, I bought a canyon strive and brought it to Brazil but do not plan to take this bike again on an airplane trip, so renting one woul be the way to go. I did no see many e-bikes there but could pedal mine without any trouble at all. Best luck on your business!
I am in Montreal, Quebec. There is a market for sure. Just an example, my 64 years old brother does lots of road bike in clubs with his wife. Now retired they stretch their season. Before our season, in april they go south 1,200 km Virginia state. In october they went to spain. This spring they took 10 weeks to see the grand canyon. Since we have like 6 months and also 4 months of winter(fatbike) we have 2 months looking for destinations to enjoy the outdoors. I guess you could have a facebook page that people could look at and after a few go, they will tell their friends,....
My few cents:
1. your potential clients would be folks in retirement who used to be avid MTBikers, who can still ride some relatively techy stuff but don't have a power to climb. I think that real hardcore guys with climbing power would go with traditional MBT guided singletrack tour companies where most of the uplift is done on shuttles on regular roads where possible.
2. How many of these potential clients from North America would be interested to sign on for travel and eMTBiking in Europe now is really hard to say. I guess with time the pool of potential clients will increase significantly (like in 20 years I'll be over 60 and I doubt I'll keep my present wattage on climbs), so long term your idea seems to be pretty promising. But for now I personally would not be interested. In 10 years - maybe, in 15-20 - definitely.
3. Overal, I guess this could be a good place & time to start, you don't really need hundreds of tourists to run a business.
How would I get my ebike there? Illegal on a plane. PITA to ship, gotta find a hazmat shipping company.
Take the bike without battery as he said they offer Specialized batteries.
This way you can ride your customized beast in Spain.
I am considering doing same.