E-Bike cassette....?


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Jul 19, 2020
I know nothing about e-bikes.
What's the difference between a standard and e-bike 10 speed cassette?
Will an e-bike cassette fit on a normal (Hope Pro2) 10 speed freehub?
i ride sram gx mech xx1 chain and the shimano 11-46 cassette on a Levo, works fine.
Both my bikes came with standard Shimano cassettes. I upgraded my hybrid to an XTR 10 speed cassette. I don't seen the need to upgrade the cassette on the Powerfly yet, time will tell.

I did upgrade the derailleur on the XM700+ after the first miss shift in the middle of an intersection full of traffic.

It will be interesting to see how long these components work with all of this extra stress.

No. Quite the opposite.
SRAM's XG-899 E-BLOCK cassette is non-XD driver compatible.

Also should be mentioned that the brief description on the SRAM website says that it is machined from tool steel, and is case hardened. They are not specific about the steel alloy used, but tool steel is generally alloyed for toughness and longer wear. Case hardening is a process that should provide good wear characteristics by hardening the outer surface and a shallow depth of substrate, leaving material at deeper depths softer, less brittle, more tough.

I suspect that this cassette and derailleur may be very well suited to e-bike application.
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