Downhill Riding with Non-Geared 1500W Hub Motor Help


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4:58 PM
Mar 28, 2020
Im planning on getting a 1500W non-geared hub motor setup.

I am concerned about the rims bending or spokes bending, I am quite light at 55 KG on a pretty decent aluminum hardtail. I was just wondering if anyone has the experience and would like to share.

Just to be clear, I will not be going uphill so I don't care that much about pushing torque upwards.
Some backstory: I will be going down trails about 10% of the time and 90% on the road, so Im not sure if I should dish out an extra 700$ for a BBSHD.

TLDR: Do your rear hub motors spokes bend or break going down mild MTB trails? (blue easy blacks)
Hi there and welcome to the forum!

I guess it depends on the quality of the rear hub motor. They should handle some off road trails just fine. You can even replace spokes if you do break one. Hard tails are designed for smoother trails anyway so I'd say you will be fine as long as you go slow over the really rough stuff and restrain from jumping the bike.

The benefit of a hub motor is if you break a chain while out riding, you can still power back home!