Double Trouble - Moustache Samedi 27X2 Tandem Ebike


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Jul 13, 2020
I confess I never saw a dual mtb, though I'm sure they must exist. Here is the first dual e-mtb for mass market (somebody probably has already done DIY version :))

Samedi 27X2 Tandem Ebike.jpg

Moustache Samedi 27X2 -

The wide variety of e-types is beginning to amaze me :)
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I rode a mountain bike tandem once.

Never again. Even a motorized one wouldn't tempt me.
Harry, I rode stoker down Jack's once in college.

I'm with you, never again. The captain said the same thing!

You two are a pair of grumpy old men, no doubt about it :)

quad racing bicycle with 4 riders.jpg

My best friend in high school once finished the Davis double century with a broken down.....quint or quad, I can't remember.

This was after he had completed the race on a penny farthing, then cut the little wheel off the back and the following year rode the 200 miles on the unicycle that was left :)

Mark McGahan RIP
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Yeah, road tandem is a different story. Super fun.

Mountain bike not so much.

Yep, mtb tandems are great for noodling down the dirt road with your honey, but on single track I just remember they did everything wrong and nothing right.
I'm imagining a flow trail with jumps designed for tandems :)

I give it ten years, then we will see this in the Olympics :)