Double life of Li-Ion?

Yes, pulsed charging reduces the growth of dendrites and also produces fewer pits/tunnels in the plates as well. It comes at the cost of longer charging times.

This has been well known as a charging technique for decades. The industry decided the longer charging times were too much of an inconvenience, and felt the constant current (CC) model would have better public acceptance (even if it meant shorter battery life). After all, most Lithium packs have a typical service life of years with CC charging. This is assuming you don't leave the batteries constantly "topped off" near 100% or sitting below 40% charge for extended periods of time (such as wintering over).

The next generation of lithium batteries, (currently in late-prototype/production-feasibility stage), are engineered to have fewer problems with dendrites and plate pitting. This generation of batteries will end most concerns about lifespan AND support more rapid charging.