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Aug 10, 2020
New to the forum and have enough knowledge about e-bikes to be dangerous through research only. After test riding a few bikes and doing a bunch of reading, the Dost e-bikes have me intrigued but I have a few concerns I'm hoping some of you that know a whole lot more than me can provide some guidance.
1. Is the Bafang motor trustworthy?? Seems that the trusted motors are Bosch, Yamaha, Brose, and Shimano
2. This bike appears to be a 1 size fits all. I'm 6'4" and have a hard time believing that it will work for me and my wife that's 5'5"
3. Service. Where do I go when I need service??
4. Buying a first year bike. How many changes will be made over the next year or 2??

Any advice would be appreciated.
1. Yes the Bafang motors are trustworth as we have shipped over 500 of our bikes last month and not a single problem with the motor has come up.
Bafang is one of the leading manufacturers in e-mobility components.

2. The bike is adjustable through the seat post and the handlebars to give a wide range of flexibility to customers. The KOPE's recommendation are for riders 5'1-6'4.

3. Many local bike shops will be able to service your bike for you, and we offer 2 year warranty, so if you're having problems with your electronic parts that the bike shop doesn't have we can ship that out for you.

4. We do plan to design new bikes in the future, and are continuously coming out with updates to the current model, we update the bikes each month with customer feedback to optimize satisfaction.
Thank you for the info. Is there a current wait time on the bike or are they available for shipment?
I waited for shipment longer than I wanted. But on receipt (near Christmas), packaging was excellent. Minor problem.... my left pedal fell off and armature threads seemed to be damaged during a ride. I throttled home. But support quickly sent me new set and got installed at local bike shop.
As an older guy, I greatly appreciate the power of bike as there are lots of hills. I had to teach myself how to use/ride this bike as no one locally to talk to, and user manual was not the best. HOWEVER the YouTube videos by Dave were excellent.
I’ve been riding every day this winter here in northwest provided temperature above 45 F.
— now at 227 miles on odometer
— really nice trail system where I live
— no problems with bike
It’s a lot of fun.
I need to buy locks, helmet and mirror.