Does the Magnum Mi5 Ebike turn into a regular bike if you leave the battery in the car?


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Jul 27, 2020
Hello, I live in the bay area and I am interested in getting an ebike, something like the Magnum Mi5. Sad to hear e bikes are regulated and not allowed in preserves and national forrests. So obviously I would just leave the battery in the car and the bike would be really heavy but still usable. Correct? If the battery is not connected then its normal bike right?
1) it would ride poorly
2) you might be able to talk yourself out of a ticket, but, hikers might not care, take pictures, report you to the land management, etc. Damage done.

We are ambassadors for our sport, I wouldn't risk it.

Where in bay area? If you can actually ride your ebike on climbs around Skeggs, Waterdog, Dirt Alpine, Purissima, Demo, etc, with the extra weight of the motor but no power, you don't need an ebike.
If the bike you choose comes with a good drivetrain like the Yamaha/Brose/Shimano motor with 30-34t chainring and a good wide ratio cassette like the XT 11-46t. It wont be so bad without the battery. It’ll be a very heavy bike to climb with but its doable. The downhill is going to be very stable do to the weight.

Riding an Emtb is all about the fun of riding with assist, ever heard of “uphill flow” you’ll experience that with a well designed mid drive Emtb!

If you wanna hit trails where ebikes arent allowed. Use your MTB.

Take your Emtb where they are allowed and enjoy it for what it is designed to do! STP, Tamarancho, Coe just to name a few...Haters will always be butthurt when they see you having a great time...thats their problem!

Have fun and respect other trail users. The haters...just ignore them! They’ll have their own Ebike eventually!
The Magnum Mi5 is a hub motored bike. No good for trail riding IMO.

Demo a well designed mid drive Emtb before you buy. Motostrano in Redwood City is a good place to start shopping, they stock Bulls, Haibike, KTM, Cube, them to get their free dirt demo schedule.
++; I ride one of several e-MTB's around (not where prohibited) with the motor off just as a novelty to receive an extra kick piloting a 50-60 pound behemoth. Wouldn't enjoy as a regular diet.
As long as you aren't riding around at excessive speeds like an a-hole, it shouldn't really matter. Most of these laws are intended for petrol motorized bikes, not pedal assist. The average person sees you pedaling and has no idea you're on an ebike. Treat the trails and the people around you with respect and you'll be alright.

Additionally, one of the many benefits of purchasing a high end eBike is that they look more like regular bikes, and most people don't even know the difference. Karens (complainers) aren't going to know something like this is an ebike.