Does anybody have Turbo Vado?


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2:42 AM
Jan 18, 2023
Hi everybody, long time lurker here. I am planning to get my first ebike and I'm confused between Trek and Specialized ebikes. My first option is Turbo Vado. Second option is e-caliber from Trek. Third option - none :) I'm looking for the one that can easily cover about 20 miles a day and that requires less maintenance. What's your thought about Turbo Vado? Thanks!
I have the Turbo Vado 5.0. Mine has the chain and derailer, not the carbon belt drive. I can ride it more than twenty miles in Turbo. I can usually get about thirty miles and still have about 20% left on the battery. I have four ebikes, and if I were only allowed to own one ebike, it would be the Turbo Vado. I love the 2.2 motor, very good power. I also love the feeling of quality under me. It feels classy and strong. I've owned it since October 2021, it's the 2022-year model. It has over 1,500 miles on it, and I've had to replace the charger, and the brake pads. If you can afford it, you'll like it. Specialized has a great warranty! The warranty doesn't pass to subsequent owners. I would but it again as long as I could afford it.