DIY Cadence meter


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Jul 29, 2022
Upstate NY
WHY? Because part of my cycling is physical therapy for my right hip and knee. I have a goal of being able to sustain a reasonable pedaling cadence as a benchmark for my progress.

HOW? I came across an article on how to program a dirt-cheap bike computer to act as a cadence meter. Simply enough done. The first attempt was with a wireless Catseye that I already had. Unfortunately the range on the wireless catseye range from sensor to computer wasn't long enough to have the display on the handlebars and the sensor down by the crank. So I bought this cheap cycling computer and wired it up.

Pros: The cheap bike computer will give me the current cadence, my highest, lowest, and average. It also has a built in thermometer which I find to be a nice perk.

Using a cheap cycling computer as a cadence sensor;


With the way it's programmed, if it says 6.0, that's 60rpm, 6.5 would be 65 and so forth.


Method 1:

Method 2: