Display fades - gen 1 jetson


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8:47 PM
Nov 2, 2022
I have a gen 1 jetson ebike that had not been used for several years. I replaced the dead battery with a new battery and new charger with the correct voltage 48v. Every thing was working fine and I was hitting about 18mph top speed. While searching the internet I had come across a video of someone disconnecting the white wire on the controller which enabled it to go about 5mph faster. When looking at my bike I found two white wires coming out of the controller on the far right side of the pack of wires and a he one white wire just popped back into the other wire with a connector in the middle. I figured why not I’d see no harm in disconnecting it and giving it a try. Once disconnected a quick twist of the throttle, the wheel starts to spin but then immediately dies out and the display fades away. I’ve checked the fuse inside the battery and the fuse and circuit breaker on the bike. All seem to be ok. Did I disconnect the wrong wire or fry the controller? I can’t find much for wiring diagrams so any help would be appreciated thanks!