Demand Pushing Infrastructure


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Sep 12, 2022
New rebates and demand for E-bikes will only help contribute to the growing movement away from a car-centric society. Below are just a handful of the blogs written this year bringing awareness to the changes happening around the US and around the world. Hope everyone continues to utilize everything an e-bike can be used for.

On one hand, this makes me happy.
On the other hand, I like my peaceful, uncluttered bike paths. <grin>
Once the cat is out of the bag about how great ebikes are, my morning commutes might get a bit more competitive.
It's tough to dial back the mentality of "only cars belong on the road"
when America's infrastructure have been built around cars for nearly a century.

Bikes & ebikes are not limited to operate on bike paths,
you should be able to ride a bike or ebike on public roads just as cars;
without or without designated bike lanes,
without the worry of getting hit by cars.