Danny Macaskill having fun on an ebike / EMTB!


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6:45 AM
Jul 12, 2020

It’s easy to get use to the weight of an ebike! I find it heavy only when I need to put it in my vehicle. Other then that, I turn, jump, rail, descend, stop just as fast as when I rode my other MTB!
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Or faster in my case, because I'm not as tired at the top.
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e-biking is fun!

Especially when you can get into ebiking for $1000 and not $3500 or more.

Most people who are riding wont be doing the tricks and jump. Just to cruise around. I personally like to do single track trails myself, but I bring along my fishing rod to cast a few lines into the water.

I just hate it when people want to talk to me about my ebike because its the same questions every time.