damaged bee cool bike


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4:44 AM
Apr 30, 2024
redmond ,WA.
I receaved a bee cool bike this weekend and it was damaged .when i opend the box several of the foam protections were removed and the zip ties were gone .the lcd monitor was damaged and there were several scrapes and dings on the bike, as well as missing bolts and bent wires for the fenders. Bee cool is only willing to reimburse us $100.00 . i think they should take it back free of any charges ( shipping and restocking) . in discussions now with them. beware they ship out damaged bikes .
I have had nothing but problems with their e-bike. Came with a defective tail light. Its been three months and dozens of emails and phone calls with their customer service. I keep getting the run around. At this point I see no hope in getting this fixed. Probably the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Very sorry I ever dealt with this company. Not to mention i ordered and extra battery in November of 2023, it still has not been shipped. I've been given 5 different dates it would be shipped, the latest is end of May. 7 months from when I ORDERED AND PAID FOR IT.
received a totaled trike from bee cool once,it was mutailated so bad figured they just let me keep it,no dice they did send an undamaged replacement pretty quickly was just a pita to repackage and send the other one back.