Cyrusher Upgrades, need help.


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8:35 PM
May 10, 2023
Hello, new here and I have a Cyrusher XF800. Let me start by saying I know this is a cheaper fat tire bike, however I still want to make the upgrades and changes I have in mind to make it a suitable bike with and without the battery. I am really struggling with finding the right or compatible parts, so I am looking for some help if anyone is willing to assist me as this the first modifications I'm attempting to make to an Ebike, some of the stuff I got covered already but for the stuff listed below I genuinely don't know where to even start looking.

Here is what I'm looking to upgrade:

-Groupset, especially the crank arms and front crank gear. (Having trouble finding the right size). So in total, rear cassette, derailer, crank arms and front crank gear. I'd like to swap to a 1x11. Cyrusher has told me the BB/Shell width is 104.23mm / 99.36mm

- Brakes, rotors calipers and levers. This one seems pretty straight forward

- Front Forks.

Can someone please help me out with this and possibly help me find some quality compatible components as this is my commuter bike but I'd like to make some changes to it to make it suit my needs better. Any help would be very very appreciated.