Cyclotricity stealth 250/1000w

Sam Vimes

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11:51 AM
Jan 3, 2022
I bought a secondhand stealth for £800, it needed a new derailleur, don't buy those Chinese Shimano copies from eBay there dreadful quality. I've replaced the 160mm rotors for 180mm, replaced the front mechanical brake for a Shimano.

The rear brake is an obscure Chinese brand & I've left it in place as the space it fits into is so tight, I haven't been able to locate one to replace it.

I've changed the saddle, handlebars, forks as the xct suntour set is an accident waiting to happen, to be serious the face plant on YouTube convinced me there a pile of crap. They split on this chap & I don't fancy that at 30 mph. I've used a set of 27.5 rigid for the moment, their stronger at least.

Cables have been replaced along with grips and a new 48v 15 ah battery, I've kept the original & fitted it to the rear rack thus doubling my milage, roughly 90 miles in 250w mode & 20 miles in 1000w. I'll replace the front forks later as well as the rear brake & fit all the batteries eventually into the front frame. I also plan to run a 36v 250/500w rear hub at some point, with the extra 12 volts of the 48v batteries it should be as quick as my 1000w hub
Wow, you've replaced a lot of parts. It should be a nice ebike after replacing everything. 90 miles is a huge range for an ebike. Hope you're enjoying it!