Cyclotricity 36v 250w hub information?


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11:49 PM
Nov 15, 2022
I'm wondering if I can build my existing Cyclotricity 36v 250w front hub (built into a 26" wheel and bought in Sep 2018) into a 20" rim.

A) I read that modern Cyclotricity 36v 250w hubs are geared, but I understood that mine was direct drive. Can anyone confirm this change, or have the hubs always been geared?

B) Is there any difference between the hubs Cyclotricity build into 20" and 26" wheels? If the hubs used to be direct drive, does this make a difference?

C) Vague question - is there any reason why I shouldn't be able to build my existing hub into a 20" rim?

It's for a cargo bike, if that's relevant. I've already installed another ebike front wheel (bought secondhand off ebay) but although this has a julet 9 pin connector and works 'ok' with the controller, LCD display, and battery, the speed displayed is wrong (inspite of having updated the wheel size). I'm thinking the pin configuration is a little different to the Cyclotricity gear.

Many thanks ...