Cycle analyst/alternative controller for bafang 1k


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11:17 AM
Dec 28, 2021
I’ve been doing some research on 52v vs 48v for my new build. I’ve been reading that the current bafang display can be used with 48/52 but you don’t get an accurate reading of your battery usage? I was wondering if this was still an issue. I’ve also seen that some are using alternative controllers to get a better battery readout. Saw some good reviews of the egg rider v2?

Some have recommended the cycle analyst to remedy the battery read out issue. From my brief research it seems the cycle analyst can actually control the entire motor? What’s the advantage of using the cycle analyst over the standard bafang controller? Is it simply a better medium to display battery consumption or are there other areas of advantage? I like the small color controller by bafang on my other rigs, kind of curious about alternatives. Thanks in advance guys!