Customizing PAS power output. Possible??


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Nov 22, 2020
Hi all. My very first post. I'm the owner of 2 Bafang BBSHD mid drive bikes. Both bikes have 9 PAS settings, which thru software obtained thru Luna Cycles, I was able to customize the power output on each PAS. I use the "limitless" configuration, and love it. Fast forward to today.... I just completed installation of a 1200 watt Ebikeling front motor hub kit on our Trek T200 Tandem. The S830 display has 5 PAS levels. 0 and 1 deliver nothing. Level 2 delivers about 4 amps, and is rideable, but somewhat overpowered. On the flat, you will do 15 mph at a comfortable cadence, but no less. Level 3 delivers about
7 amps, and the bike goes 19 mph at a comfortable pressure and cadence, no slower, or you'd be spinning your brains out. Way too fast for our style. Levels 4 and 5 are unusable, as the bike is way overpowered, bordering on the ridiculous. My question is: is there any way to customize the amount of power delivered on each PAS setting on these controllers that typically come on these bike conversion kits? I essentially have only one useable PAS selection. I understand that Sondors makes a model who's PAS outputs can be customized, so perhaps the hardware exists somewhere out there. If I can't get this front hub motor power thing right, I might see if I can put a BBSHD mid drive on the bike. I can't live without subtle power selections that are right in my riding style "wheelhouse." Thanks in advance for any insights. Ron W
I too have an issue with PAS 1 being too fast in some situations. Hers’s a work around that I found: from a stopped position, do A long press on the down arrow until the walk mode is engaged. That will give you 6 MPH on the flat with 26” wheels. To disengage it do a long press of the down arrow button again. i don’t have brake cut offs, so I don’t know, but that may disengage it too. good luck ,Frank