Custom Diy E-Moped From JUNKS and SCRATCH


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Oct 17, 2022
For a long time, about 10 years... I wanted to make an custom electric bike. But I couldn't find the opportunity. Until now. It all started with an electric bike that I saw and bought at a chain store. I liked it very much but only for 1 day. Then: "I wondered how I could make this faster and more powerful?" I started to think, believe me, from the very first day... Here are the videos I've published and will publish will be about making this idea, I built a electric motorcycle from scratch. this vehicle of my dreams, into reality, moreover, the majority of which I created from and junk motorcycle parts, scraps... and discarded materials... I built a retro style looking electric moped , e bike or my custom made electric motorcycle from junks and scratch.

My new design mirrors that I modified and changed, I'm confused, which one do you think? left side or right side?
I like that one on the left. I've never been too keen on the round mirrors.

Looks good mate! :cool: