Cube Nutrail Hybrid 500 Reviews


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Aug 16, 2020
Hey folks,

someone riding the Cube Nutrail Hybrid 500 who can give me some experience ?
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super sick fat bike with the slackest steep headtube angles for max gnar. i have one with 27.5 rigid bluto. love it.
It's unstoppable in the right gear with decent pedals to ensure you keep your cadence up.
I've ordered a 14T sprocket from Miranda to replace the standard 16T, as I would prefer extra climbing ability rather than top speed as it's too easy to exceed the 15.5mph assisted limit on the flat.

Cube Nutrail Hybrid 500 ebike.jpg
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Maan, it looks just...baaaam :) .. I really love the looks of it. How many Miles can you go with the Battery? And what about riding without the E-support? Can you handle it or is it impossible due to the weight?
If you can use the eco mode where possible and not ride flat out all the time,(which is easier said than done), I think 30miles of rough cross country with a fair amount of climbing is possible.
Because you can see the range, you can ride accordingly; you wouldn't drive a car flat out knowing you would run out of fuel before the next gas station would you?