Cube Hybrid Pro 500 Frame Defects


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Oct 12, 2022
Hi. I'm looking for some insight from anyone who owns or has knowledge of the Cube Hybrid Pro 500/625 e-bike or any Cube that uses the same frame.

I purchased a Pro 500 recently and have had to return it under warranty due to it having a small dent in the frame and noticible deviations in the fold lines on the battery section of the frame (see images).

A new frame was ordered and has now finally arrived after nearly 4 weeks but this also has the same issue although a 625 that was in the shop which is the same frame has perfectly parallel fold lines.

I know these frames are hydroformed and it has been suggested by the shop that these deviations are normal but I'm not convinced as they just don't look aesthetically right and are clearly not evident across all the frames I’ve observed of the same design.

I've also contacted Cube direct but they have been less than helpful and just defer if to the shop to resolve.

Would appreciate your thoughts.


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