Converting bike to mid drive ebike for commuting to work


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Jun 18, 2018
I want to convert a Workcycles Opafiets to an electric bicycle. The bike has internal gearing, roller brakes and a light dynamo all of which I want to keep so I'm thinking of adding a mid drive kit. My commute is in all types of weather. The local bicycle shop owner was saying that mid drive kits are very new to the market and can have some problems. What does everyone think? Any recommendations for choosing a kit?
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My recommendation would be adding the Bafang Mid Drive ebike kit. Bafang produces 850,000 kits a year so they should have an idea how to make them if they're manufacturing that quantity. With the Workcycle Opa you probably want to add a disc brake on the front. Your speed on an e-bike will be double what you can pedal so you want to be able to stop if needed. Have fun!
I've had an Bafang mid drive kit for 2 years and it's been going strong. I use it both off-road and on the highway. The weather is pretty nice where I am from so can't comment on that.
I have a Bafang BBS02 mid drive which does about 30-35 miles at 15 mph with pedal assist using a 48V 12 AH battery. If I use the throttle it gets much less range than that. The only thing is that your chain will become a consumable if you push it to higher speeds. You're looking at a new chain every 2500 miles if you push it above 20 mph. Just so you know, it's something most people don't really consider when looking at mid drive kit.
The only problem I can see is how the Bafang would fit on the frame, you might have to get rid of that chain guard. You could use a front hub motor but then of course that's goodbye to the front rollerbrake.