convert 2014 29er Trigger Lefty advice


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2:59 PM
Nov 11, 2020
This is my favorite, most plush mountain bike I have ever ridden.
Getting older (66) and would like to convert to ebike if possible.
Any Suggestions?
yeah, don't. Leftys are great, the pre 2012 are even greater, but that's another debate.

what I would suggest is get an ebike that has a similar geo and travel, then contact Project321 and get an adapter to fit your new ebike with your old lefty.

Then, get a DVO JadeX coil for that plushness. Double check your new frame has progressive backend linkage. If it is more linear, get the DVO Topaz3.

At this point, you will have a good ebike with that great Lefty plush feeling.
Way back in 1994 I gave into the dark side by going from road to MTB. I bought a Trek 930. I love that bike and I still have it. I have had a dozen proper MTBs since then. Last year, I went to the dark side again - by buying my first EMTB.

My advice is to restore your Lefty to vintage condition and gaze at it from time to time. Next, go buy a new EMTB. Just do it.
I know some are brand collectors, 2014 is still kinda new.

Cannondale will not warranty any frame that has had a motor strapped to it. I think a motor on a frame cdale is asking for trouble. There's a reason they have been called "Crack N Fail" for a number of years.