Controller issues Gio Italiano 2020


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1:21 PM
Nov 10, 2021
hello and good morning to you all, Im new here, so please go easy on me. haha.
I have this Gio, the controler is shot. how do I find a replacement for my scooter.?
is there a better one out there?
any suggestions?
i tryed to buy one off of Amazon, that was a no go, everything worked, but the problem was, it was way more noise, and it didnt go as fast.
the controller is a 48 volt 35 amp controller.
so Im stumped, can't seem to find the right one. and no Im looking for beef it up a little, so contacting to company for a new one is not optional.
I would like to give it a bit more power.
thank you for your reply in advance.