Controller for 36v 350w 9pin ebike motor?


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Sep 5, 2022
I have a 36v 350w 9 pin motor wire front hub motor wheel. Battery 36v 14Ah EBIKE.

I need a matching controller with water proof wires. What do you recommend?

What should the Min/Max amp rating of the controller be for that motor so it will not burn it out?

I have seen some with 14 to 22 amps. What should the Rated current be: 8A to11A?
You should be able to search for a controller which is 36V and 350W to match your motor.

If you want to know the amps of the controller suitable for your motor, you can rearrange the formula P(Watts) = V(Voltage) x I(Amps)

I = P / V
I = 350W / 36V
I = 9.7 Amps

Therefore the controller should be around 9.7 Amps. Make sure the controller says it supports 36V.
I pump 1300 watts peak into my so called 250W geared rear hub, and the motor doesn't even get warm to the touch. The controller sure does if run for an extended period at full load, so my theory is buy an oversize KT controller and display and scale the controller output back to the desired 'grunt' using the C5 programming parameter.