Clunking when motor engaged Raleigh r bike


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Jun 21, 2024
Bc Canada
Hello. I own a two year old Raleigh pedal assist e bike with a bafang motor. It makes a loud clunking noise only with the motor engaged and when pedaling. Does not clunk when pedaling without the motor.
The repair shop said it might be a sprocket but they cannot repair any Raleighs because they are proprietary! I bought it at Canadian Tire who does not repair e bikes...
Can anyone help me figure out if that's what it is and how to fix it?
Could you tell us the exact model of the bike? It's impossible to know without more info. If it has a midrive, I would say, your whole motor might be moving when you engage it, which there are a number of ways to fix.
It's a Raleigh Getaway, with a Bafang M200 250W motor, 13.6Ah battery. 9 speed Shimano Altus shifter, Shimano Altus M370 rear derailleur.

This is it here. Thanks.
Thanks, that will help people problem solve. This little motor is set into a frame, like the Bosch style, so I don't think it would be moving. There is a YouTube Bafang video on complete disassembly, but before that Accomile has a m200 midrive repair video on YouTube that shows you how to take out the large nylon gear. It appears dead simple to do. I would take out that gear and inspect the teeth and the bearing in it to see what's going on. This motor is different then I am familiar with, with just one very large gear.
If you haven't worked on bikes much there are a lot of videos on the basics. In this case you are just going to need to pull the cranks, very simple to do and crank pullers are cheap, this is where I would start. If anyone here has worked on m200 please chime in, it is a very different design. Let us know what you find.