Christini AWD Fat E-bike

Thanks; seems like an excellent system, but I wonder about wear especially with the extra power. Wonder how many posts before this turns into an access issue. I, for one, can't wait until I hear they're illegal on all trails in -----(guess which state).
So throttle and not a PAS, correct? Wonder how that front wheel drive would affect steering/control?
I know a professional trail builder that uses their moto version in his business, he said you get used to it pretty easily. FWIW.
AFAICT, they didn't catch on as bicycles (at least in OC, CA), nut may be perfect for an e-system.
Yeah, there was too much drag and not enough power for it to be viable on a mtb. A motor makes those issues moot, I can't really say that 2wd would be an advantage in most situations, it depends on the goal I guess. If you want an all terrain rock crawler it would.