Choosing a Hybrid/Comfort E-Bike


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Aug 20, 2022
I'm looking to buy an E-Bike soon and looking for some help/opinions before deciding on which one to buy. I prefer one that's similiar
to the bike I ride now, 2020 Raleigh C40 Hybrid/Comfort Bike. Not looking to spend more than 3.3K. I also prefer a mid drive motor,
a battery internal to the frame and bigger (700c) and thinner tires (closer to 40c), only need 20 mph, would be nice to have a throttle,
I ride smooth trails for the most part, don't really need a suspension fork.

The bike's I'm considering are:

Trek 2022 Verve+ 3

Accolmile Antelope - 250W M200 Bafang Mid Motor

Trek 2023 Verve+ 2

Avadar C3-Sport Mid-drive Electric Mountain Bike

Rize MD Electric Mid-Drive Bike

Any help/comments would be appreciated.
My Wife rides a Verve 3 and loves it. She has a cool basket on the back and it holds enough for the too of us to bring home like 3 bags of what every. I have an Alant7 that I absolutely love riding. 28 mph seems fast but its not really if you are on nice roads with space. Bike trails gravel trails etc.. I usually <20 anyway and then you get more miles.

I would Definity get a brand that has a dealer and warranty that can service / replace things if needed. Mid Drive For Sure. I like the Bosch system, I have over 3k on the alant and its solid so far. Wife has about 2k on the Verve No Issues.
@SLIMJ Avoid Avadar. I bought the C-3 after watching many youtube and reading reviews, mostly all positive. BUT customer support/service is non-existent. My C-3 arrived damaged. Avadar support is only available via email, slow to respond and apparently they do not speak English well as most of their communication was strange and unintelligible. "What?. They advertised a "free 14 day trial and return policy". They claimed that FedEx could not pickup the bike at my home address and offered no alternative (to the same address Fedex Delivered it to.) What? Fine print also says that the bike must have less than 10 miles on it to be eligible for return. The bike's electronics failed to power-on 3 days after I received it.

STAY AWAY. The lesson I learned is to avoid the Chinese brands and pay the premium for a Specialized, Trek or Giant with a large network of dealers for post sale support and service. Good luck.