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Oct 31, 2022
Canton Ohio
Hi all need a little help I got a display that's in kph I can see it has mph on the display but the thing came without directions of course so I'm stuck. Can anybody help me out? This is the thing it looks like a good one. I plan to place inside my builds shell. Here's a image of the front of the display
But yet and still there are no instructions. I still can't figure out how to change it from kph to mph
Yeah i cant seem to find the settings for that.

Go here and see if you can get them to answer you i guess through email...ask them for the directions to change settings and advanced settings.

I'll dig a bit more but i dunt think i'll find much.
If I do i'll post back here to do the same please :)
Can't remember where or who, but thanks to link provided by HumanPerson. I got a similar layout to my meter so I'll see if the speed adjuster will change the kph to mph.