Charging/Storing safety for ebike battery


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Aug 1, 2021

What is the best way to prevent your lithium ion ebike battery from thermal runaway? My battery came with the bike (BAM nomad/supreme) and it has an integrated BMS. I understand that these failures are rare and I never leave my battery unattended when charging.

I have researched battery contains for charging and storing lithium batteries. I have come across Bat-safe boxes: . However it looks like the largest ebike battery that can be fit is a 48V 10.4ah battery (500Wh).

What do you all use to protect your battery (and your living space from your battery)?
You can try setting a timer to switch off the charger in case your forget. The BMS should handle thermal runaway but cutting the current if it senses any surges.

This is out of the Bosch ebike battery guide -

Charging – The batteries should be
charged at room temperature in a
dry location where a smoke detector
is installed.

Storage during winter – Store the
batteries in a dry location at room
temperature. Fully charging or fully
discharging results in higher loading
of the battery. The ideal charge sta-
tus for lengthy periods of storage is
approx. 30 to 60 % or two to three
LEDs on the battery indicator.

There's also a link to an ebike battery storage guide here which @Hoggdoc kindly shared in the Resources section: