Charging oddness


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Apr 21, 2024
This is my first e-bike so it may be a silly question. 72v 20ah Magicycle

A couple of times now I have done multiple ten mile rides on a single charge. That’s how far it is downtown for shopping.

After the first ride the display registers 74% battery when I get back.
The next day the display shows 100% battery that drops to 88% within a half mile.
The third day the display starts at 100% battery and drops to 77% in that first half mile.

I have read not to charge a hot battery so I let it rest at least a few hours before plugging it in.

If I charge after the third ride the non-programmable charger light goes green in less than an hour. I *assume* this means the charger goes in to maintenance mode.

I have three batteries and swapping them is quick and easy. I *try* to keep a rotation going.

Is this normal behavior for an e-bike?

Second question-
One of my normal rides is six miles one way to my gym. They are happy to let me plug the bike in while I do my two hour workout and swim.
I also have the option of using a free 220v EV charger at that location. I have the J1772 adapter and my charger is rated up to 240v.
The display reads 85% battery at that point. The battery case is not warm to the touch.
Should I go ahead and do a charge at that point on the *warm* battery or should I just ride it home and run the battery down to 70%?
I am more concerned with battery health than electricity cost.
Your wisdom is appreciated.