Changing ebike batteries from lead acid to lithium ion


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Jun 21, 2018
Hi, I have an electric bike with a lead acid battery the bike is so heavy and I was wondering if it is possible to change from Lead Acid to Lithium of some kind. If possible where would I buy a kit or at least read up about it and also any idea of the cost and the best battery to buy, I'm in need of a new battery anyway. Thanks in advance.
Hello you can change to lithium batteries but depending on your capacity needs you will pay from 800 to 1500 and they still weigh a lot about 8 kilo also they have a BMI they tend to be faulty a lot. Cheaper to buy a lead acid replacement pack to be honest
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I'm into making homemade electric bikes here are some of my experiences with Lead acid batteries vs Lithium Ion batteries for ebikes.

Lead Acid batteries are a lot heavier than any other chemistry of batteries available on the market, but less prone to failure. (Especially Sealed lead acid ones). A lead acid battery has 25 watts of power per KG while Lithium Ion batteries have 200 watts of power per KG.

Lithium batteries used to be fragile and would easily fail. Now days Lithium batteries are a lot more stable thanks to BMS (Battery Management System) circuits included and fitted inside the battery pack. Now you don't have to worry about lithium battery packs failing. The main factor that you have to worry about is the cost. A lithium battery may cost equal to the cost of your entire electric bike with lead acid batteries. But your range is 5 times greater than lead acid ones and the weight is more than 8 times less.
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