Changed BBSHD settings using Speeed android app, can't connect anymore.


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Jun 24, 2022
I have been using the Speed android app to change a setting here or there on my bbshd. Never had a single problem connecting or programming anything. A week ago I made a post on the Bafang tips and tricks facebook group asking for advice on programming the bbshd. I mainly just wanted to extend the lifespan of the motor and controller, not get any more speed. Some guy posts a pretty long reply saying to change a few things. Everything seemed legit. One of the things he said to change was the start and end voltage of the stock throttle. He said to change it to 0.8v start and 3.59v stop. I have all my settings from the last time that I programmed it screenshotted, so I figure I'll try that out. I program it and go outside to test it out. I see 04H error and the throttle is not working. I go back inside to change the settings back and the Speeed android app that I never had a single problem with says it won't connect. I deleted and reinstalled the app and it still won't connect. I disconnect the throttle and try to connect still nothing.

What is going on here? Is it possible to screw up the part of the controller that allows you to program it? Do I need a new throttle or programming cable? Could it be the controller?

I did not have any luck programming with software on my computer. I could never get the right drivers or something. The Speeed app worked perfectly though. The screenshots are of the settings I changed last.



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When you saw this 04H error, was it floating in the air, on the computer, or on the display? You will need to dig out your manual or find some legit docs and see what that specific error msg means.

You state you "changed a few things". That would indicate MORE THAN ONE, yet you have described only one. The voltage range given is within normal parameters for a throttle. Still possible that could be a problem, but likely it is one of those MORE THAN ONE things that you also changed.
Describe them. ALL repeat ALL of them.

Does the kit work other than the no throttle issue?

To answer your questions in order, Don't know, yes it is possible, Don't know, and again, yes, it is possible.

More information from you will result in more precise answers.

What color shoes are you wearing?


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Jun 24, 2022
I should have been more specific, thanks for the suggestions. I have the 500c display. I have a page of all the errors you can get with a 500c display and BBSHD screenshotted for reference on my phone that says that the 04H error means "Throttle on high position" which is located at the logo positon or bottom of the display.

I have my previous settings screenshotted so I can include the pictures of the previous settings in this reply for anyone that can help to see.

The kit works seemingly fine with pedal assist. The 04H error stays on the display and the throttle does not work.

I saw a forum post where a guy said that his bbshd ebike and programming cable hadn't been used in a little while and when he tried to connect with the programming cable that had previously worked to change a few settings he couldn't connect. The programming cable seemed to be undamaged, but when he bought and tried a new programming cable he was able to connect. Go figure. Maybe these programming cables can break for some unknown reason.

I'll include screenshots of my previous settings in this reply. The screenshots at the top are of the settings I currently have. The issue is that I can't connect to change them back to the previous settings. I don't know how to be any more clear than that. TIA


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