Chain Removal to Deter Thieves


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Oct 31, 2023
I have a mountain bike. I rarely pedal. I used only Motor power. Can I remove the chain altogether? Last time my bike was stolen. If I remove the Chain, does it deter thieves to steal my bike?
If you have a hub motor'd ebike, generally speaking you can remove the chain. Throttle will work, and even pedal assist will still work since the sensor is paying attention to the crankarm revolutions. It will feel stupid with no resistance but it will work. I did it myself just for a ride around the block when changing a chain several years back.

Thieves are happy to push motorcycles down the street while stealing them so I would have to believe any reliance on making a bike thief do the same is going to be sub optimal. Rather than crippling the bike, get a lock thats decent, and lock up smart..

Look at it another way: If it was a good idea, other people would already be doing it.
Yes, I have a hub motor and I am going to try it for few days. Last time I drove it for 12 miles and I found no issue without the Chain at all. If all go well, then I will keep the chain out. Thanks for sharing.
I have had two bikes stolen (or attempted to be stolen). In both cases they threw it in the bed of a pickup truck.
The attempted thieves on one attempt had to be "combatted" to get the bike back.
We also have a neighborhood bike thief where I live today. His trick is to ride a bicycle to where another bike is unsecured, grab the handlebars of an "available bike" where the owner has stepped away, and pedal off with both bikes.

In neither of these circumstances are the thieves relying upon the victim's bike having a chain.

Today, I rely on a good quality lock (Kryptonite), and a WDSCAM tail-light/alarm purchased from Amazon for 36 bucks. If the area is a higher risk area, the bike gets two locks on it, plus the alarm.

When I consider security for a bike, I try to remember most eBikes are a $1000 item (or more). They are a tempting target. The deterrent needs to be at least as strong as the "attraction to steal the bike".