Carrying my small and medium dogs by Cero One ebike!


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Aug 12, 2020
Ok, we're not ready for single tracks yet :unsure: But it's nice to take the dogs on long rides. After they run and get tired, they can catch a free ride.

Got a cement mixing bucket and put it on top of the pizza rack. Works awesome! Small dog in the rear basket is 19 lbs while the black lab in the front is 50 lbs. The bike is a Cero-One - kind of a sports utility e-bike:

Cero-One cargo ebike carrying dogs.jpg
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Finally got around to making a video:

This is perfect for the coming hot summer days, where the asphalt may be too hot for them to run to the beach. And in the hot sun, they also get tired very quickly.
I used to pull my dog (RIP) around in a really beat up bike trailer and get a lot of funny looks, I bet you cause full on car accidents from all the rubbernecking! That's awesome!

Biking with your dog is a new activity for your pet. So, it is important to familiarize your pet by keeping it as close as possible to the bike. Bring your dog and bicycle to a park or outside your house. Make sure that you do not ride on the bike. You just need to walk with your pet and the bike. Make sure your dog follows your pacing and does not get too excited or lazy while out for a walk. Give a dog a reward if it shows the right attitude and follows your command properly. Reprimand your pet when necessary.