Carrera impel im-3


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10:24 PM
Aug 3, 2023
Hi all

First time posting

On my impel im-3. I have managed to find on the module screen , an extra options screen where, I can select through a number of options, outside of the standard default screen. This is done by holding down two of the buttons for five secs. Not sure what all the options are.
Can anyone advise
Really appreciate it, if someone could advise etc
The last thread I saw like this, three different people screwing around pressing random buttons managed to disable their ebikes by setting a startup password they could not repeat.

Even though the manual was available online, and was found in less than 30 seconds with a simple google search, not one of the three had bothered to even make the effort to find it, before randomly pressing buttons with no idea what they were doing, and all three ended up with non-usable ebikes.

If you want to list the options available, we could probably define them for you. I would recommend you make an effort to find the manual.