Carrera Crossfire - faulty - battery flashing


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May 18, 2022
My Carrera Crossfire mk2 stopped working. As soon as I put in the battery and turn it on - it starts flashing - but not rapidly - like once a second. It's 100% not the battery - since I tried it on my missus ebike and it's fine. Also tried her battery on my crossfire - and does the same - as soon as you turn it on - it starts flashing(I mean all 5 battery bars starts flashing). Opened it up to look at the controller - but crossfire one is all glued up and filled with rubber - can't even check the components. I was driving in the rain 2 days ago - so thought it might had gone into the controller box - but it's completelly filled with rubber(or whatever is that black subbery stuff that they have filled the controller box with). Wondering if Crossfire has a fuse somewhere that might be blown? Just don't get it. Tried to disconnect all wires - check if they are clean and plug them back - still no difference. And i don't even have a chance to turn the bike on - it happens straight as soon as I turn the battery on. Any ideas? Thanks
Some sort of unidentifiable f***up has occurred.

Without a manual, or dealer or factory support, that's about all.

It is unique to your bike, not your battery, and while you fail to mention if the bike worked correctly during the two days after you rode in the rain, seems decent odds water got in somewhere. Thoroughly dry all connections and hope it goes away, then look at more effective waterproofing for those areas.

Ebrake levers and throttle are primary candidates. Also contacts for the battery. Generally, and this is without any specific knowledge of your unique bike and wiring system, the lights on the battery itself indicate only conditions INSIDE the battery, which it is NOT as your alternate battery has the same problem, AND main battery works on alternate bike. Therefore, I would look heavily for a dead short, outside the battery, meaning contacts and all power wires.

IF you have a voltage readout on your throttle, check this thoroughly.

Throttle and ebrake levers should be completely disconnected. Remove them from the equation. Also disconnect leads from battery mount to controller, leaving battery and its cradle as only components involved. ISOLATE and IDENTIFY. Do these disconnections one at a time, testing carefully and repeatedly after each one.
Just a quick update - controller is deffinatelly fried. Disconnected everything - and tried to connect the controller only to battery wires - straight on - battery flashing slowly. This I guess is the push I needed to get a custom controller.
If possible, might want to check your controller, only, to her bike, cradle or battery mount, and battery.

I would still take a long, hard look at the battery mount, or cradle, and connection to the controller on your bike. Partly as this is the only other common component when tested to fail, partly because this is a likely spot for water intrusion, and lastly as a fully coated controller Should Be, more or less, water "proof".

Could be a problem there that does not cause an issue with no load on it.

Also, because you have a second clone system to swap the controller into.

Getting a controller is EASY, matching up all the connector types is a Royal PITA. Some crimping tools, pre-made pigtails, etc., also, you may get lucky and they used a fairly common connector type, in at least a few places.
deffinatelly not a common connector type. But I will deffinatelly try to connect to my missus bike.
ok - deffinatelly the controller. Tried on missus bike and does the same. And I only connected the power cables to battery. Shame. THanks a lot for help though!