Canyon Precede:ON 7 AL review


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1:38 AM
Apr 25, 2023
Hi, I don't seem to find that many reviews online for the Canyon Precede:ON 7 AL ebike

Having received mine over the weekend I thought I'd post first impressions for anyone interested.

It has a Bosch 75nm Performance line motor/Bosch Smart System controller/Enviolo manual hub gears, gates belt drive & a 625w battery.

First long ride today with mainly Eco assistance (about 85% of the journey), then with Tour+ on a couple of steep hills & no assistance on some long flat sections. Range looking like about 80 miles. That's with me at 82kg & a pannier at 10kg. Can cycle on the flat unassisted at 17-18 mph, no noticeable drag from motor assistance cutting out at 15.5mph (UK legal limit). I did not need Auto or Turbo mode but then again I am used to commuting to work on a non ebike

In eco mode it fells like this simply compensates for the additional bike weight compared to a non ebike, so I still feel like I am getting some exercise.
Bike feels well made. On the 2 long hills that normally slow me down I could maintain a good rate of progress without my heart pounding! Although heavy, the bike felt very manouverable & well balanced in tight spaces

However it has to go to a dealer as the integrated lights don't work. Also UPS do not handle with care so replacement rubber handlebar grips are needed under warranty. Otherwise, I am very pleased with it